10 SPANISH TRANSLATION MISTAKES…are you making these mistakes?



Here are 10 common Spanish translation mistakes. Can you identify and correct the following errors (there may be more than one in each sentence)?

  1. I listen the radio every morning.
  2.  My boss speaks very well English.
  3.  I’m not sure how much money my co-workers win.
  4.  My fathers live in the countryside, but I have a lot of parents in the city.
  5.  I will ask to my friend about my problem. I know he will tell to me some good advice.
  6.  The shops in the town are open since 9am to 6pm.
  7.  I’d like to explain you what is the business about.
  8.  I need to put my attention to this presentation.
  9.  I am late because I lost the bus this morning.
  10.  How long are you working in your company?

You can email your answers to sonya@class-e.co.uk or check the next post for answers and some grammar information!


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