Effective and high-impact results

Full training support

Organic and intuitive learning

Theory and practice successfully combined

Full cultural immersion

Total focus, away from your everyday distractions

A valuable opportunity for employees & your organisation

Our Intensive English Language Immersion courses are the key for organisations to unlock English language acceleration for employees. As an organisation, you seize an opportunity to upskill your employees, whilst they grow in confidence doing business in English. During their stay with us in Wales, they will experience everyday opportunities to practice their English, with the dedicated support of an experienced class-e language coach.

  • Dedicated & personal approach

  • Practical, professional support

  • Experienced in working with various business sectors

  • Targeted objectives & outcomes

  • Individual focus

  • Responsive, reactive & dynamic


Why are immersion courses effective for fast-tracking English development?

There is no replacement for the experience of living and breathing a language in its natural context. It is simply the fastest way to progress and build confidence with your English. You will notice the changes in your ability almost immediately. Our experienced and friendly class-e coaches are genuinely invested in you and your success and will support you all the way through your course and beyond.

What’s included in the immersion course cost?

Everything apart from your travel expenses. We act as your concierge service and will arrange accommodation, food and drink, activities and of course the training program based on your budget and your personal requirements. This tried and tested formula means that you can leave all the planning to us and you don’t have to put your hand in your pocket for much once you are here with us. We free your brain up for focussing entirely on your English practice.

Where are the immersions courses held?

The intensive immersion course is flexible in terms of location, depending on client preference. Many of our clients come to us in the stunning surroundings of the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales (UK), but many of our courses have also been organised in London – or we can come to you.

Visiting us in South Wales: An area of outstanding natural beauty, with hills, valleys, rivers, canals to explore, castles and lots of nearby market towns to practice your English in. It is a beautiful place to escape to. The cities and airports of Cardiff and Bristol are an hour away. Clients stay in an award-winning boutique hotel in the lovely market town of Abergavenny: https://www.angelabergavenny.com.

How long are the immersion courses for?

Bookings for immersion courses are typically one to two weeks, but really it depends on the time you have available to fast track your English. Long weekends are also an option. Clients regularly come back to us to refresh their English skills, knowing the level of attention they receive and the quality of personal coaching service they can expect.

What’s the course format?

The format of the course is flexible. Depending on your preference, we can organise the course to be either entirely ‘classroom’ based, or classroom work combined with activities and excursions in the local area. Our clients usually prefer the ‘combination courses’ as they can take full advantage of the opportunity to practice their English on-the-go with native speakers, whilst visiting our beautiful corner of Wales.

How do you measure employee improvement?

We have a class-e diagnostic language test that is sent out to employees before the immersion course to assess their “English start level” pre-course. We’ll also run a pre-course analysis to establish your course objectives and training needs. Once the course has finished, we provide a detailed report of what language areas were covered during the training and we’ll reassess your English to give an “English finish level”.

Do you report back to organisations on development?

If requested, course reports will be shared with stakeholders, management or HR departments.

How many employees do you accept onto an immersion course?

We typically accept a maximum of 5 participants on our immersion courses to ensure employees get the most value from our language trainers.

What happens once the course has finished?

Most immersion course participants choose to continue with their trainer online, to maintain and further improve their English level.