There’s nothing to hold you back with class-e by your side.

Beatriz Suarez Pariente

Spanish HR Personnel

Originally from Spain, Beatriz now lives and works in Edinburgh as a HR personnel. She came to class-e looking to gain more confidence when communicating in English.

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Alfio Valsecchi

Italian Lawyer

Italian Business Partner, Alfio Valsecchi, wanted to improve his English language skills for international business. Language trainers, Kay and Louise, at class-e have worked with Alfio in the UK on an intensive language course, in Milan teaching him and his colleagues on a one-to-one and small group basis, and through regular Skype classes each week over the last 4 years.

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Manuel Seiz

Business Unit Manager

Business Unit Manager, Manuel Seiz, wanted to improve his English language skills for international business. Since joining class-e, Manuel now feels much more confident when speaking English and believes it is much easier to speak freely and organically about different topics. This has helped him greatly in both a professional capacity as well as a personal one.

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Marine Rouat

Administrative Sales Assistant

Marine Rouat is a French Administrative Sales Assistant at Beckhoff Automation; a multinational automation technology company based in Paris. With efficient communication being key for successful relationships with their clientele, Marine needed English to communicate effectively with her colleagues across Europe for sales enquiries, orders and invoicing. Marine’s manager approached class-e to help her improve her fluency when speaking English and develop her confidence, both inside and outside of the workplace.

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