What we do is tailored to you

Our ultimate goal is to improve employees’ English language skills in a professional setting, but the direction we take is completely tailored to you. We understand that every organisation has unique goals, which is why our approach to coaching is completely bespoke. Whether your organisation wants to improve employees’ ability to present in English or build confidence in English-speaking client meetings, we work with you to develop a coaching structure that meets your specific needs. We also recognise the importance of individual employee development, and our coaching services can be tailored to help employees achieve their individual goals and make improvements at a personal level.

Why choose us? Our proven track record for success!

Our success stories speak for themselves! We have an established record of providing long-term English language training support for many of our clients across Europe and in different sectors. Companies trust us with their employees. They know we understand the challenges and demands of working in a second language. They have total confidence in our level of co-operation and commitment to every individual’s personal and professional development.

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  • Dedicated & personal approach

  • Practical, professional support

  • Experienced in working with various business sectors

  • Targeted objectives & outcomes

  • Individual focus

  • Responsive, reactive & dynamic

  • Experienced and professional

  • Structured course framework

  • Added value


What’s the process when signing up or enrolling with class-e?

Very personal: We invite you to “meet” us online to have an initial introduction (with no obligation). We do a short needs analysis to find out how we can help, then we can get your employees started on their first course as soon as you are happy and ready. Payment is usually made before the courses start via bank transfer.

How often do you meet or run training sessions with employees?

The client decides: One or two hours a week is typically what we suggest as a recommended progress development program. But if you need to fast track your skills, one hour a day is also possible. Or you can sign up for an intensive online course with extended sessions.

Is it a rolling contract or do you buy sessions in blocks?

We provide rolling contracts, typically 30 hours per participant, per year, for organisations who are likely to add employees with a need for English over an extended period. Individuals most often sign up for packages of 10, 15 or 20 hours which can be renewed as long as they need or want to continue.

What’s the format: Is it in-person or online?

Flexible format: Our 1:1 courses are usually delivered online. Intensive in-company and UK immersion courses are also available.

How do you work with organisations – is there a “set structure” or are you reactive to their needs?

We deliver a bespoke approach: our courses are personalised and designed to meet individual or organisational needs.

Do you measure the success of the sessions and report back to the organisation?

Measuring success: We give constructive language feedback after every session and regular, informal progress reviews. More detailed, formal progress reports and assessments can be arranged. Class-e are agents for the Linguaskill testing platform which we use for individual or group language ‘audit’ assessments or testing pre and post-course, on request.