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Examples of skills to include in your workshop

Our online one day or one week workshops are entirely bespoke and built around your specific requirements. Below are a few examples of what we can include in your virtual workshop, helping to develop a broad range of skills for professionals within your workforce.

Virtual conference calls

Conferencing with confidence

Video conference calls are the main channel of communication in current times, particularly for global organisations. Learn how to navigate and manage your virtual conferences in English and how to get the most out of your meetings through our virtual conferencing calls workshop.

Key Lessons

  • Speak effectively during video calls.
  • Contribute confidently in English to your online meetings.
  • Deal with technical difficulties and interruptions.
  • Deliver presentations online articulately, so that the impact of what you say matches the quality of your visuals.

Emails & internal communications

Getting what you write, right

With the absence of face-to-face opportunities, what and how we write to colleagues and clients is increasingly important. Email and internal communications are a huge part of relationship building as well as managing workload and general operations. Our online workshop gives employees the confidence to do this well, empowering you to work efficiently and independently.

Key Lessons

  • Providing you with a language toolbox to save time.
  • Recognising and using correct register.
  • Using diplomatic language.
  • Making your emails more effective and impactful.


Present with pride

Being able to deliver presentations is important in any corporate environment but presenting in a second language requires additional skill. Learn how to use language to accurately convey your message and develop techniques that will allow you to present confidently in English.

Key Lessons

  • Make clear, correct, cohesive presentations.
  • Improve the delivery of your presentation with articulate and fluent English.
  • Use appropriate language to make the biggest impact.

Social networking

Promote your profile

Being able to present your company’s best self is vital to business success and capturing new clients. Your social media presence is even more important in the absence of opportunities to ‘meet’ your audience and be able to connect in a language that isn’t your own. We work with you to help you communicate your business vision and develop your professional profile.

Key Lessons

  • Share your ideas clearly to an international audience.
  • Interact and engage positively and effectively.
  • Build a social media presence by communicating with real impact and influence.

Conversational English

Speak with spontaneity

Building positive, sustainable relationships virtually. Learn how to communicate with natural

Key Lessons

  • Manage small talk in meetings and events, both physical and virtual.
  • Understand and use natural English in a social environment.
  • Build long-lasting authentic relationships through your language.

Why work with class-e?

A powerful combination of business skills and English language training for employees. We liaise with you to build up a picture of your company’s training needs. Once your needs have been established, your course will be written and designed by class-e. These courses are high impact, intensive and fit around your timetable.We can facilitate team building events, trouble shoot language issues and build confidence in your team to tackle the challenges they face in English.

  • Dynamic and responsive

  • Convenient

  • High impact

  • Focused

  • Time-efficient

  • Cost-efficient

  • Experienced and professional

  • Structured course framework

  • Added value

Groups from £300

Book a 3-hour group session

Book a 3-hour skills workshop from just £300, for groups of up to 12 people. Bespoke workshops are also available, please get in touch to discuss these in more detail.