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Benefits of In-Company Skills Training

A powerful combination of business and English language training for employees. We liaise with you to build up a picture of your company’s training needs. Once your needs have been established, your course will be written and designed by class-e. These courses are high impact, intensive and fit around your timetable.We can facilitate team building events, trouble shoot language issues and build confidence in your team to tackle the challenges they face in English.


Dynamic and responsive


High impact




Experienced and professional

Structured course framework

Added value

Helping you achieve your goals

Communication and business‐culture are central to everything you do and central to our experience. We work with multi-lingual, cross-cultural groups towards a structured, common learning goal, incorporating a strong language focus to help professionals face the challenge of using English in the workplace.

Interactive team building

Learning together is the ultimate communication facilitator. We are skilled at team-building and have a uniquely inclusive, interactive approach when writing our courses. Every individual attending our programmes will be supported and encouraged to participate fully and get the most out of the course and themselves.

Language and skills combined

Using a unique combination of language and skills, our multi-layered courses are rooted in content and language integrated learning. class-e are experts in providing a perfectly blended learning environment which facilitates skills and language development for more effective learning.