5 x 1 hour classes

1:1 Online Starter Course Special Offer

Kick start your English skills development with our Starter Courses. Get x5 introduction training sessions for just £150 with your own dedicated class-e trainer.

Benefits of Online English Lessons UK

We understand you have a full schedule, so flexibility is paramount. Virtual English language sessions are a practical training option for busy professionals. Our 30 or 60-minute sessions can fit a lunch hour, the start or end of your day or fill time waiting for a flight. You can combine as many sessions as you need or have time for. Signing up for class-e online English sessions ensures a regular commitment to and an investment in your professional or personal development.

  • Maximum flexibility

  • Extensive and continual training path

  • Long term or short term solution

  • One-to-one focus

  • Practical, professional and structured

  • Integrated into your working week

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Interested in improving your English?

We’d love to arrange a virtual meetup to discuss your language coaching needs! Get in touch to arrange a free initial meetup online, with one of our English language trainers.

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Invest in yourself with quality English language training

Uncertain times give way to certain opportunities.

Now, many professionals are investing in their own personal development and upskilling through virtual training courses to futureproof their careers or increase their global agility.

If your goal is to advance your English-speaking skills, access to our tailored professional language training will help you achieve just that. As UK-based trainers, class-e deliver English language training courses online to clients all over the world using Skype, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Class-e training have the experience, modern infrastructure and expertise to provide the best focused English language support within a virtual learning environment.

If you are interested in making the most of this opportunity to dedicate more time to self-improvement, get in touch with us to book a block of sessions today!

Our Approach

Building and maintaining relationships with our clients is central to what we do.
We are proud to be trusted partners of a diverse client base who rely on us to strengthen their communication competence and confidence in an international landscape.

Reactive and dynamic

You will have your very own personal class-e coach at hand to support your language development and address your immediate and long term needs. One-to-one attention means we can be reactive and agile to your changing focus. You may be preparing for a presentation In English, drafting an important English email, need warming up for an international teleconference call. Use us to help.

Tailored to your requirements

Your sessions are tailor-made and structured. Class-e provide a consistent framework to your development with carefully chosen pre-session tasks, self-access materials and feedback after every session. You will of course have email access to your coach for questions and support.

Continual training path

We understand that perfecting your English is an ongoing process. With our online sessions, we provide a continual training path to preserve and enhance your language development. When possible, most of our clients choose to take a combination of extensive online courses and Intensive courses/in-company training to maintain fluency and motivation.


Our online English lessons are individually tailored to your objectives & availability. Regular weekly classes or longer, intensive courses are available. Get in touch to tell us what you need and how we can help.