Remote Working – and Learning: The New Normal

For all of us, life changed dramatically a couple of months ago when countries all over the world started to react to the Coronavirus pandemic – lockdown conditions, schools and universities closing their doors and most companies directing their employees to work from home.

Video conferencing platforms like ‘Skype’, ‘Zoom’ and ‘Microsoft Teams’, have become familiar terms to most employees as they rely on this technology to stay connected to their bosses, colleagues, and customers. As we ‘smart-work’ through this challenging period from our homes, this approach is becoming ‘the new normal’ – and may even permanently change the way we work in the future. Indeed, many people and companies are now discovering that it can be a more practical, efficient and cost effective way to engage with others, whatever the purpose. 

In addition, without the need for the daily commute to work or travel for business, many people have discovered they have more time to try new activities; to develop and up-skill their abilities creatively and professionally, particularly in view of possible changes in the job market due to the impact of the pandemic. The future is uncertain for sure, but while we should remain optimistic, it is always a good idea to try to ‘future-proof’ yourself for the coming months and years.

It is also important for people to be socially connected, as well as professionally – it are how we build relationships; express our feelings, share solidarity and opinions. We usually do this ‘face to face’, but while sadly this physical interaction is not possible at the moment, the ‘online’ world is proving to be a good alternative. With the range of technology available this is easier than ever to do. And it can just as easily be applied to your language and training development.

The team at class-e training are very aware of this. Our online training has been a successful part of class-e’s English language services and we have seen our clients become more proficient, confident and effective through their consistent one-to-one, ‘in real time’ training sessions. We have been using Skype as our main method of video conferencing for the last 5 years with great success, however like many of our clients, we are also familiar with Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

You may have had to stop your face-to-face English language training due to the pandemic. Or you may have been thinking about developing your English but didn’t have the time – or the motivation, to do it. NOW is the ideal moment. Take advantage of the technology and this period of change in lifestyle and work-style to consider a package of online lessons with us. We are professional, knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. You won’t be disappointed!

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