How can we help you today?



Making your professional lives easier

When you need help with your English at work, just ask. We are here to support your English language needs. Let us make your professional lives easier…

Typical calls for support from our clients:

“Help! I have a presentation to give in English to the Board of Directors, can I practice it with you?”

“I have a few tricky letters to write in English and they need your magic touch.”

“Can you check my English in this email for me before I send it to the team.”

“I need you to check my speech… I’m delivering to an international audience.”

“Can you help me write this presentation in English from Italian?”

“I’m chairing a meeting tomorrow and I need help with some phrases to use.”

“I need to introduce myself and my role at a conference in English.”

“I am applying for a new job. Can you help me write my CV in English?”

“I need help preparing for a job interview in English.”

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How can we help you today?

Making your professional lives easier...

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