Case study: Johan Ericsson



Johan Ericsson is property manager at AkzoNobel, Sundsvall, Sweden. He has been a student/client of class-e’s for the past 18 months after a colleague recommended us. Johan needs English for his work in a multi-national company. His target is to be able to manage in English in both social and work situations. He was quite nervous initially but has grown in confidence. Committing to regular weekly classes has helped his language development and confidence levels using English. We asked Johan about how he has found the class-e experience so far.

How  did  you  hear  about  us?

Johan: I had been searching for help with English for some time, maybe two years. I heard about class-e from a colleague at work who you are already training. He recommended you. He said that he has gained a lot of knowledge so far with his time with you and you were very friendly and fun to work with.

Why  do  you  need  English?

Johan: For work sometimes. It is useful for reading reports, but I also wanted to improve personally. We have a lot of international visitors to AkzoNobel for various projects. I need to give a good impression and I need to understand their questions. As my English gets better I will be able to spend less time reading these planning reports which will free up time for other priorities. I think in an international company,  better English will always help in your career progression.

What are the benefits of having Skype classes?

Johan: It’s very flexible. Wherever you are, if you have wi-fi you can have a lesson. It gives maximum flexibility. You can see each other. It is like you are in the same room as me. It’s a good example of how distance learning works really well. We can share screens and I can show you my projects. It’s a good sharing platform.

Is it difficult to timetable a class?

Johan: No, we always have our classes planned in advance. An hour is better than a half hour session, so I normally book 2 slots at a time. I feel half an hour is too short sometimes. Having longer classes for me has made a difference because it takes me time to “warm up” and then I can really feel my fluency develop over the class.

I did not like using English on the phone two years ago. When I receive important calls from overseas, I can manage the conversation flow much better than before.

What’s  the  best  thing  about  your  lessons?

Johan: I look forward to my classes. I can sit in a comfortable place at home or at work and have my classes in a relaxed way. I am very relaxed with my teacher and I feel I can ask any questions. The teaching style is very dynamic and flexible to my needs. Without the flexibility and accessibility, classes would not fit in with my schedule.

How  do  you  feel  about  your  development?

Johan: I understand I have a long way to go, but I definitely feel like I have got better with my English. I am much more comfortable introducing myself to English speakers. I am more confident with my social English and I am happier speaking.

Does  the  session  feedback  help  you?

Johan: It helps me a lot and I feel much more comfortable when I speak English now. When I first started I was very rusty. Now, I feel like I can have a conversation about many different things. Not perfectly, but well enough. I have started to listen to English in songs and am 100% more motivated. I am also reading books in English now.

How  would  you  rate  the  course  delivery  out  of  10?

10/10! I think it’s very good.

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