Making a habit of it

10 Ways to keep your English going…

The last few months have been weird by anyone’s standard, and we at class-e training have seen how challenging it can be for our clients to hold on to good routines for practising English. Most are working remotely, some are juggling childcare along with business meetings, and none, of course, are going on any foreign business trips. So, suddenly maintaining a routine, and finding the time and space to practise your English has become much more difficult. Here are some of our tips to help you through:

  1. Virtual Coffee break in English – if you have a colleague who is also learning, why don’t you book a 30 minutes coffee break with them to have a chat in English. It’s a nice way to keep in touch while also improving your English skills
  2. If you, like many of us, are avidly following the news each day – searching for some positive information, news of a vaccine or signs that we can return to normal life – why don’t you do this using English language websites? The BBC has a great website and several of the UK and US papers have free online versions.
  3. What about challenging yourself? You may be adept at handling business situations in English, but can you name the utensils in your kitchen? Take a packet of Post-it® notes and see how many domestic words you actually know.
  4. Online streaming services like Netflixhave seen a huge boom in users as our social life looks decidedly different now without the usual bars and restaurants. Embrace the fact that you will spend most evenings on your sofa, and make sure you are following some good English language TV shows. And yes, try without the subtitles in your language, or at the very least, make sure they are English subtitles!
  5. If you enjoy going out running and doing exercise, then why not listen to an English audiobook while you do so, or a podcast? With such an interesting range available – you can make your opportunity for exercise be a work out for both your mind and body.
  6. Use this time to send a personal English email. We all need people looking out for us at the moment, why not send an email to someone you work with abroad, a business colleague or that foreign friend you always mean to get in touch with and never seem to find the time. Well now is that moment!
  7. Learn a new skill…but do it in English. Ever fancied learning how to make bread? Knit? Take really good photographs? There are certainly plenty of online classes if you’re interested, but why not try to learn the skill through the medium of English? You could follow a famous chef as they prepare dinner and learn new vocabulary while at the same time as being creative, producing something delicious and improving your English. Winner!
  8. Keep a journal – you may wonder how you can keep a diary when you have been working from home for weeks, but even writing out your routine in English can be challenging – are you using the right tenses? Or, if you get out for a walk or a cycle, what did you see? It can also be very therapeutic to express how you feel in a diary and a way to make sense of the highs and the lows of this strange period.
  9. Stay fit in English? Many UK families have been following Joe Wicks as he trains the nation’s children – what about trying this with your kids? It’s fun and silly but is a good work out and you will pick up so many new words…plank, burpee, crunches…? Or if that’s not your thing, what about Yoga with Adriene? Her soft Texan accent will soothe you and her yoga is suitable for complete beginners.
  10. Online English classes – We know how challenging this time is – we get it. But regular English classes with us can make all the difference because when normality returns, and yes one day it will, you will be ready for the challenges that it will throw at you. Most of our clients do at least one hour a week with us and it’s this consistency that will help you improve. Our class times are flexible, and we really work with you to help you achieve your goals.

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