Language of Crisis

These are strange times.  

With our changed circumstances comes a new language: pandemic, self-isolation, social-distancing, shielding, martial-law, lockdown, quarantine…This is the doomsday jargon of our present. 

But what’s to say we can’t focus on an alternate vocabulary at this time of crisis and change: resilience, resourcefulness, improvisation, innovation, reflection.

It’s so important that we find ways of turning all this negativity into a positive – even in a small way. It’s a time for showing our individual and community responsibility and kindness, to think of others and not ourselves. It’s also a time for learning new ways of being. It can be a healing time. A time for patience. 

This poem was written in response to the affects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The positivity of the author’s message has spoken to many of us struggling with our new world.

The pace of our lives has changed. Suddenly we have an absence of routine: school, college, university, work, travel. The more we are shut down as a global society, the more liberties the pandemic steals from us, the more opportunities we have to create for ourselves.

Learning a new skill in this hiatus may be the secret to our collective and individual sanity. We have to be resourceful and resilient in these challenging times. It’s the time to pick up that book, put a record on, try that new recipe, learn a new skill or a new language. Use the moment to make a difference. So stay safe, stay home and get busy. 

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