Kay Evans-Johns

Partner, Trainer

Hi, I’m Kay and I’m delighted to have been a partner of Class-e training for several years, and during this time, watched the business thrive.

I’ve been teaching for around 15 years – it’s something I initially started as a way to travel and see the world, but I quickly realised that I had a real passion for teaching and training. I love being able to work closely with clients to develop their language ability and achieve their goals. It gives me a sense of real satisfaction to see a client handle a difficult situation with confidence in their English, and with fluency.

In terms of language teaching, I have both the CertTESOL teaching certificate, and the DELTA (Teaching Diploma). Aside from this, I am a qualified lawyer – I joined the Bar in 2017 as a Barrister, and I very much enjoy training lawyers and those involved in the legal profession, in particular.

Over the years, I have taught across Europe and lived for long periods in both Italy and Spain. I have also lived and worked in Egypt – in Cairo, and believe that these experiences have given me the understanding of what it means to try to learn a language and understand another culture.

In the UK, I have taught at University level with students from around the world. Throughout my career, I have worked predominately in the business sector, training those in senior positions in companies. I have worked with high profile politicians from across Europe, business executives, entrepreneurs and academics.

Our job allows us to have a privileged insight into our clients’ worlds. We build up close relationships with those we train as the sessions are an opportunity to focus both on our clients’ business goals, but also to explore other important aspects of their personal, family and cultural life. The classes are a chance for reflection on behalf of our clients, as they have the time to pause their busy routines and focus on doing something for themselves.

Since I joined class-e training, I’ve been able to concentrate much more on this kind of work that I want to do – building rapport and strong working relationships with our clients that is as much about language training as it is about coaching. I want to enable our clients to perform to the best of their ability and with confidence in whatever challenging situations life throws at them!