• Name:

    Beatriz Suarez Pariente

  • Job Role:

    Spanish HR Personnel

  • Work:

    Call-In Homecare Ltd. – CCS Group

  • Sector:

    Human Resources

  • Beatriz’s requirements: More confidence when speaking English

    Beatriz works in the HR department of a Care Service Provider based in Edinburgh and was one of 10 colleagues to take part in our online English classes.

    Originally from Madrid, Beatriz now lives in the UK and wanted to gain more confidence when communicating in English due to her role at work.


    “Mainly, I was looking to gain more confidence in myself while communicating in English, and of course, improve my writing and speaking.”

    Why class-e?

    class-e was originally established to provide a solution for busy professionals, like Beatriz, who want to learn or improve their English. Beatriz needed to study around her busy schedule and with our flexible online classes, we were able to offer just that. Because our classes are adapted to each individual client, Beatriz was confident that our tailored approach would help her achieve her outcomes.

    “Sonya my teacher was very adaptable and if I have ever had to change my lesson, even on short notice due to some setback, she has always made it easy for me. class-e were able to customise a course based on my needs and encourage me to achieve my goals.”

    Beatriz’s Learning Experience

    Beatriz studied with us through our online classes, taking part in a 60-minute session once a week, designed to fit around lunch breaks or daily commutes.

    Like all our students, Beatriz was given her own personal class-e trainer to ensure her language development received full one-to-one attention, allowing us to adapt her lessons to her progress.

    We have been working with Beatriz for over a year where she continues to expand her English language skills with us on a weekly basis. We always ensure that the lessons are enjoyable and engaging with clear learning outcomes.

    “Sonya, my teacher, was always punctual, reliable and encouraging. She helps you to progress with your needs, adapting herself to your circumstances.”

    “From my experience, it is a very professional company and the lessons are very enjoyable and productive.”

    Outcome: How Beatriz’s English has improved

    Beatriz has become so much more confident when communicating in English. At the start of the course she was finding it difficult to take part in meetings and interviews with native speaking colleagues and clients due to lack of confidence in her English skills.

    There were some clear gaps in her range of grammar and vocabulary, particularly forming questions and being able to understand local accents. Since the start of the course we have seen a big improvement in her speaking and listening comprehension skills, as well as in pronunciation and sentence construction.

    “These lessons have been really valuable for me to gain more confidence and were a key feature in achieving successful communication skills.”

    “I feel much more confident in expressing myself and my English has improved significantly.

    "I would highly recommend class-e to anyone who is seeking to improve their English skills, feel more comfortable expressing themselves and wants tailored support and dedicated attention.”

    Improve your skills

    If you too would like to improve your English skills, get in touch for an informal chat about your requirements.

    You can contact us through email at: info@class-e.co.uk or give us a call to chat through your requirements on: +44 (0)7889 549561

    Online intensive language course

    Fast track your English

    Our Online Intensive English course is designed to help you fast-track your English from your home or office. Many of our clients find intensive language courses the only way to accelerate their language development. Practicing your English intensively and with a native English speaker allows you to develop your language skills at a faster rate, so that you can put them to use immediately.

    One-to-one online English lessons

    Fit us around your weekly schedule

    One-to-one virtual English language training from your home or office. We offer maximum flexibility to fit around you and your schedule. Whether you need to develop your communication skills or prepare for an important presentation or meeting, we are here to support you whenever you need us.

    Online language & skills workshops for groups

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    Online workshops for groups of employees who would like to develop their English language skills in a virtual yet professional environment. We work collaboratively with companies to choreograph tailormade ‘skills courses’ that will help employees within your workplace to develop.