• Name:

    Alfio Valsecchi

  • Job Role:

    Italian Lawyer

  • Work:

    Studio Legale Bell Valsecchi

  • Sector:

    Italian Law Firm

  • Alfio's requirements: English language skills for international business

    Alfio Valsecchi is a business partner at Studio Legale Bell Valsecchi, a law firm based in the heart of Milan. The firm works with clients from both Italy and abroad, many of which predominantly speak English. With efficient and effective communication being a key component for successful relationships with his clientele, Alfio approached class-e in order to develop his English language skills.

    Why Alfio chose class-e

    Alfio had used other English tutoring classes in the past, however he felt that the intensity of an English course in the UK would help him restart his English after a period of not using it and kickstart the learning process. class-e could offer a more bespoke service, tailored around his individual needs.

    Alfio approached us in order to develop his English language; he wanted to improve the communication between him and his English-speaking clients. After consultations, we developed an approach where we focussed the classes around the different cases he was dealing with. We would role play the advice he would give to the clients and ensure that he felt comfortable to deal with the potential questions that could arise. Nowadays, we focus more broadly on building language in areas of personal and professional English.

    “I needed to improve my English for business reasons as many of my clients are English-speaking. I discovered class-e through a recommendation from an English teacher that I had worked with in Milan and their friendly and personal approach affirmed my decision to use their comprehensive language and business training services.”

    “My main target was to feel more comfortable when I have to speak English and to be able to talk naturally about business as well as more general topics.”

    Significant improvements after just 3 weeks

    To start, Alfio used the two-week Intensive Course based in the UK in order to immerse himself in an English-speaking environment. He then followed this up by weekly virtual language training classes. This was then followed by the In-Company Skills Training programme, a bespoke service in business and English language training for employees at his offices in Milan with the class-e team.

    Alfio also benefits from our one-to-one virtual English language training to help develop his English language skills even further, and it provides the bridge between the intensive UK courses and the in-company skills programmes.

    “At the beginning of my path, I had a two-week intensive course, followed by one-week in-company training; this made my speaking skills take a leap forward. I had studied English for decades, without ever mastering it, so, at the age of 40, I felt bored and a bit uncomfortable still having to deal with English lessons. By attending the Class-e intensive course, for the first time I achieved the result of speaking English without struggling, which eventually “fuelled” my wish of keeping improving it. I do think that this is the main outcome of the intensive course: it had me discover that it is possible to learn how to speak English fluently even if you do not live in an anglophone country.”

    “The online lessons have been the perfect format for maintenance and progressive improvement.”

    The outcome

    Alfio has continued to use class-e for the past 4 years. He has made dramatic gains in both fluency and accuracy in English. He now operates at a level in the language where he rarely makes grammatical mistakes. Instead, we focus on the nuances in the language, honing his vocabulary and ensuring he sounds as natural as possible by incorporating idiomatic and colloquial language.

    Our approach means that Alfio is able to concentrate his efforts on topics of particular interest for him. Sometimes that means we discuss family life or the political situation in Italy, other times we work on and practice lectures he is due to give, or articles he has published.

    “It has been the most effective English training I have ever received. The courses are flexible and modern. Over the years, the training has constantly adapted to my business needs and to the evolution of my language skills. Thanks to a truly tailor-made approach, I have not got bored of my weekly one-to-one lessons with Kay, after almost four years.”

    “Up to some years ago, Italian lawyers who specialized in criminal law did not need to speak English. But today the legal market has changed, and, in my view, it is no longer conceivable that a lawyer is not able to properly deal with English-speaking clients. Class-e has helped me fulfil this crucial business goal.”

    Improve your skills

    If you too would like to improve your English skills, get in touch for an informal chat about your requirements.

    You can contact us through email at: info@class-e.co.uk or give us a call to chat through your requirements on: +44 (0)7889 549561

    Online intensive language course

    Fast track your English

    Our Online Intensive English course is designed to help you fast-track your English from your home or office. Many of our clients find intensive language courses the only way to accelerate their language development. Practicing your English intensively and with a native English speaker allows you to develop your language skills at a faster rate, so that you can put them to use immediately.

    One-to-one online English lessons

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    One-to-one virtual English language training from your home or office. We offer maximum flexibility to fit around you and your schedule. Whether you need to develop your communication skills or prepare for an important presentation or meeting, we are here to support you whenever you need us.

    Online language & skills workshops for groups

    Combine business & language training

    Online workshops for groups of employees who would like to develop their English language skills in a virtual yet professional environment. We work collaboratively with companies to choreograph tailormade ‘skills courses’ that will help employees within your workplace to develop.