Activity-based learning and classroom learning – a winning combination

“What is the best way to learn English?”

Many learners ask this question, including our clients. We often meet senior personnel who haven’t used English for a long time. Suddenly they find they are in a new job or position in the company where they have to communicate with international colleagues, customers and service providers, who are both native and non-native English speakers.

Many people have memories from their school or university days of doing lots grammar exercises and memorising lists of vocabulary, in preparation to take an exam. Of course, this provides a good ‘foundation’ for knowing the language and its construction, but it does not ‘replicate’ the real world of English language users, or really give much practice of speaking English naturally.

It is generally agreed that ‘immersion’ into the language – and the culture – by spending a few months or living full-time in an English-speaking country will naturally accelerate knowledge, understanding and fluency, as you benefit from exposure on a daily basis.

But what if you don’t have this opportunity – or the desire to live away from your country – but you would like some of the benefits this type of immersion can provide?

Learning by doing – with support and guidance

The train and tour immersion courses at class-e seek to replicate the experience of ‘living’ in an English speaking environment, even if it is only for a short time.

We know that our clients need classroom time for learning. Here they can focus on their specific language needs in a ‘safe’ environment: role-play scenarios, practice reading or listening, or explore complex grammar with the help and guidance of their trainer. We can help to improve our clients’ confidence in the business situations that they may need English for.

But we also know that transferring these language abilities to the non-business world, and exposure to other real life situations, is also an essential skill. This activity-based time for learning often takes our clients out of their comfort zone but it is one which we know will help them to stand out from their contemporaries as their confidence in their abilities and understanding grows.

Of course, we are there to support and guide you, and to encourage you when you have to deal with unfamiliar situations in English. This could be taking instructions for an outdoor activity like tennis or kayaking, or listening to a guided tour of a museum or the whiskey distillery, or taking part in conversations with native speakers at the pub or during dinner.

The ‘whole’ person

class-e’s immersion courses consider the ‘whole’ person; someone with hobbies, interests, opinions and needs outside of their business environment, but which complement their professional life by providing a much-needed balance.

We know it is tiring to study, think and speak in English, and to listen to English for several hours each day. Our priority is always to look after our clients’ well-being while they are with us, so that they can learn and improve their English efficiently and effectively but also with variety and some fun!

We are pleased to say that most of clients agree that the combination of learning English with classroom time and activities is the best of both worlds. It’s a winning combination!

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