5 business scenarios which need excellent English skills

It is generally true today that being successful in the global business community means having good English skills. Whether you need to hold regular video conferences with suppliers in India or take up a work placement in China or Malta, effective use of English is crucial in making a positive impact on sales, profitability and efficiency. Here are 5 different scenarios we work on with clients where excellent English is required.

Video-conferencing and telephoning

For many of our clients, video-conferencing is a weekly task with both native and non-native speakers. Summarizing performance and discussing objectives are often a major focus. We all want to feel confident in the way we express ourselves and be sure of our pronunciation. We teach you language to help in these scenarios, we practise it in class and we use video-conferencing platforms for live practice and feedback.

Making presentations

Presenting in English can take different forms. It ranges from giving an internal presentation to your multi-national team to attending large conferences where you are one of the speakers. We focus on the structure of your talk, how to link your points precisely and how you can create an impact – in English! We have worked with clients who present technical information or others who give sales summaries. Perhaps you are responsible for leading your company and need to communicate the vision and motivate staff? We can help with that.

Negotiation skills

When negotiating in English, we start by analysing your context: the various scenarios and typical problems and solutions of your company and industry. For language work, we focus on developing clear, diplomatic communication. For aspects of culture, we can rely on our own knowledge of working across Asia, Europe and South America. As a result of this, we can intuitively put together a learning plan that is relevant for you.


Social skills can be hugely important in developing good working relationships. When attending a meeting or conference, for example, you’ll need to feel confident in talking about your company, your role as well as your products or services. Can you share an anecdote or story that helps build rapport? From the start, you learn how to develop your social English with us, making sure that we cover contexts – both formal and informal – which are relevant to you.

Working abroad

Many companies provide their employees with opportunities to work abroad for a fixed term period. Some of our clients have moved to the UK from Spain and others have moved from Germany to China. How can you effectively manage and lead staff? How can you talk accurately and fluently about future plans? We analyse your context and help you to select language which is relevant to your management/leadership style.

Build confidence in your Business English skills by working with us. Each course is tailored to your specifications: we focus on the business skills you need.

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